FaceLift365 Hertfordshire

Facelift 365 specializes in non-surgical treatments that offer long-lasting results.

Everyone wants to look and feel young. We’re here to help you achieve that through our FDA-approved treatments and a team of highly trained staff. We accept clinic and home appointments to accommodate your schedule and needs so read more on All About Non-Surigcal.

Why Choose Facelift365 Hertfordshire?

Why Choose A Non Invasive Procedure as apposed to surgery?

Our goal is to provide superb results effectively and safely. We want to improve your quality of life and body confidence by providing a quick and affordable alternative to surgery – HIFU Hertfordshire.

Our qualified practitioners will conduct the treatment sessions and answer any questions you might have. They will clean the target site and draw lines across your décolletage, face and neck.

They will talk you through every device placement to make sure that the ultrasound level is to the right personal setting for you. The session will last from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the areas being treated and the treatment level you’re having. Your skin will be cleansed at the end of the session and treated with a boosting collagen moisturizer.

If you are not happy with the way you look right now because of those fine lines and wrinkles, we’re here to help you out. We use non-surgical methods to reduce facial wrinkles and provide the natural-looking results you want. We offer a holistic, personalized approach to boost your confidence levels at a reasonable price.

We maintain a friendly and soothing atmosphere to keep you relaxed throughout the treatment process. Here at Facelift 365, you won’t be judged or pressured to make unnecessary purchases. You deserve to get only the best service and the chance to discuss your needs with an expert. That is why we provide a free consultation to help you determine the best treatment option for you.

For more information about our HIFU treatment, feel free to call us anytime.


Why Non surgical face lift Hifu Hertfordshire?

HIFU is a safe method that counteracts the effects of gravity and time on the skin. It’s a non-invasive medical procedure that improves the appearance and firmness of the skin by subjecting it to ultrasound rays. In our clinic, the treatment is concentrated on the face and neck to brighten up your skin and make you look younger. HIFU Hertfordshire is among the most popular lifting treatments for the neck and face. It’s a great alternative to facelifts because, with only one treatment, you can see visible results. The process doesn’t involve making incisions, so there won’t be any scars.

What is non-surgical face lift Hertfordshire?

How It Works

HIFU forces old skin to work hard again. This helps soften fine lines, reduce wrinkles, lift brows and shrink pores. HIFU can correct sagging eyelids, wrinkles and lines around the mouth, loose neck folds, large pores and uneven skin tone.

It bypasses the skin surface and delivers ultrasound waves specifically into the muscles and structural tissues where collagen is deposited.

The process stimulates collagen production. The collagen fibres shorten, causing a tightening effect on the skin. New collagen is formed, providing a long-term tightening and lifting effect.

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Non-surgical facelift Hertfordshire?

Does It Hurt?

HIFU is the only non-surgical treatment that can target the skin’s deep foundation without disrupting or cutting the skin surface. There’s no downtime so that you can resume your daily life right away.

Ultrasound gel is applied to the target area, and a HIFU device is used to deliver ultrasound waves underneath the skin. HIFU targets the skin’s foundation layer.

Collagen production will start after one session, and full results will appear over the next months. HIFU can help you achieve stronger, younger-looking and healthier skin without unnatural changes.

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